• Karthos posted an update 4 years, 6 months ago

    So is there any estimate on how many complete/incomplete inmoovs there are in the world? seems like there are about 20 or so completed with videos on them and at least a few hundred being worked on that I can find documentation on so there are probably about 3-5K worldwide I am estimating? I am wondering how many nervos have been purchased.

    • Hello,
      Way, WAY above those numbers!
      The current estimation 16/03/19 is above a thousand built partly complete. We have no idea how many complete robot there is.
      To give you an exemple, I was recently visiting a school, where they have 3 complete (with legs) InMoov. They never posted pictures or videos of their robots…
      The 1000 clones is based on the sales of pairs of NervoBoards. If someone buys a pair, it is a potential robot.
      Number of Nervo boards purchased until 16/03/19: 3562
      Of course we cannot estimate the other robots being built with other controllers.
      I hope this gives you the spirit to keep it up!!

    • Well I’d say your number is likely higher.. due to the fact that the InMoov community has over 6,000 users now. IF you figure only HALF of those people built there InMoovs in one form or another.. and than add the fact as you said a school had 3 of them.. and I’m going to be building 2 of them .. one male one female. So he’ll have a companion LOL .. So I would comfortable says there must be over 4000 of these world wide. and YES. that is a conservative number in my opinion .