• Chuah Wei Jie posted an update 4 years, 3 months ago

    I’m in doubt in the soldering of nervo boad. Can anyone show the parts that need to be soldered if :

    1. I’m using the same voltage to all sevo.
    2. I’m using the PIR sensor for 5V.

    • Hello,
      In your case you need to solder like this:

      • Thanks for the reply Gael. I would like to test the tracking function in mrl by using the eyes only, what should I do?

        • Hello, use the config files of InMoov and switch the pin numbers from,
          -rothead –> eyeX
          -neck –> eyeY
          This way the headtracking will operate the eyes instead of the head.
          Note that the range of movements for the eyes is really less than the for the head.

          • Hi Gael. I’m trying to connect the Arduino to Inmoov now, but the jaw doesn’t seems to sync with the speech when Inmoov is talking. It can only sync a few sentences initially, but after that it doesn’t seems to have any movement anymore, I wonder why this happen? I had configure and set all the limits for the servo thou.

            • Hello,
              You can make some adjustments to the jaw using the head config file.
              Note that via software the sync is based on vowel and consonant of tts answer. It is not exactly the best way to sync, therefore sometimes it will be finished moving the jaw while the voice is still speaking and vice versa.

            • Noted with thanks Gael. By the way, in the skeleton_head.config, do we need to change these line of code :