• Chuah Wei Jie posted an update 4 years ago

    Anyone have any idea why this happened?

    • Hello,
      Can you describe how this happens and which version you are using to get this error?

      • I’m using myrobotlab.1.0.2693.7. It actually happened in a sudden, previously there was no such issue. Basically, I can’t access to any services through myrobotlab.jar (Even communicating with Arduino or access Python), the thing is, these function looks fine if I open it via SERVOCALIBRATION.bat. I don’t know is this a bug or?

        • So when you launch myrobotlab.jar, you can’t start any service.
          But when you launch SERVOCALIBRATION.bat, it works fine.
          I never experienced that, and never got a report about such issue yet.

          Did you try launching START_INMOOV.bat with the correct configuration for your setup? If yes, did it work properly?
          How did you proceed to start a service in Runtime? (can you explain the steps, it might give me a clue)

          • The notification : Could not create service Python python pop-up everytime I open myrobotlab.jar. The thing is, there ain’t any problems in launching START_INMOOV.bat. To make sure did the python works, I just simply run a simple line print(“Hello”), it does printed in START_INMOOV.bat or SERVOCALIBRATION.bat but not in the myrobotlab.jar. Is it something related to setting the PATH of Python in the system environment?

            A service is start as usual. RIght click in runtime->New Name->Select ArduinoMega and the COM port->Connect (Then mrl just close straight away). And I noticed it always create a new error .log, something like hs_err_pid8188.log