• Chuah Wei Jie posted an update 4 years ago

    I tried to connect the external power source like this, but it seems like the nervo board does not recieve any power…

    • Hello,

      Only these leds will light up when the Nervo Board is powered but not connected to a PC via the Arduino. Apparently looking at your photo, you do not have these 4 optional leds soldered. (they are not necessary for the board to work, it’s optional.)
      Connect the Arduino to the PC and check with a voltmeter, if you have power to the servos.
      Or use the SERVO_CALIBRATION.bat to test.
      InMoov front soldering

      • The servo didn’t response when I try to move it using SERVO_CALIBRATION.bat

        • Did you upload the MRLComm.ino in your Arduino?

          • Yup, definitely.

            • Ok, you have selected the correct COM port in SERVO_CALIBRATOR.bat ?
              and the correct pin for your connected servo according to this map:


            • Yes. It’s a COM3 (I had checked in Device Manager). I currently test on the Neck part, which are pin 12 and 13 only, but the servo doesn’t response. I shows that the connection succeed for the Arduino by the way. I wonder, just maybe, is it the problem of the connection/wiring/soldering?

              • It’s odd, there is not much that can go wrong with the soldering, beside making a bad shortcut.
                Which you would have seen the smoke.

                I suspect the ribbon cables in the male headers. Maybe a ribbon cable inverted between the two end points headers.

                Do you have a voltmeter?
                You can test to see if the power is going to the servo from the XT60 connectors.
                First, without the connected ribbon cable, test directly on the Nervo Board, and then test with the ribbon and the breakout board.
                Nota: Make sure to never connect the ARM breakout board to the HAND on the Nervo board(and vice versa), it would short cut the ribbon cable. (Smoke for sure!)