• Marcia Allen posted an update 5 years ago

    A few questions:

    1) Do I need to purchase SHEILDS for the Nano, Uno, or the Mega for this installation? I did not see the them listed in BOM.

    2) It appears that the only board that has WI-FI is the Uno Wi-Fi. In checking the Mega, it does not appear to have Wi-Fi capabilities. At this point, I have purchased 2 MEGA, 2 UNO, 2 NANO, 2 UNO WI-FI, PLUS 2 sets of your nerve boards that I am waiting on. I also purchased a Wireless (bluetooth) Plantronics head set, which in my opinion has the best noise reduction and is certified for Dragon voice recognition software. Not sure what I would use the WI-FI for?

    3) The headset is bluetooth and plugs into USB port. If I understand the way you are giving voice commands to InMoov, it is via your headset connection to your computer and myRobotLab? Is that correct?


    • 1- If you’re questionning about the dedicated Nano for the NeoPixel ring, I do not add a shield, I just route the wires and solder them to the board. If you want you can make a connection wire for to disasemble.

      2-You do not need wifi Arduino for the robot, if you follow the standard assembly. Your PC will have wifi and that is the only necessary wifi. The Nervo board will be connected to the PC via the Arduino.
      Regarding noise reduction (on mic), make sure it is not too efficient when in none noisy environments. Sometimes it doesn’t work well if you are in a very quiet place.
      You can test MyRobotLab in Virtual mode to check how the voice recognition is behaving.
      3-Indeed my headset works bluetooth, the dongle is plugged into a USB port. Voice commands are given via the headset to the PC and MyRobotLab. The speech recognition service needs a internet connection to work via Google Chrome.

      • Gael,

        Do the MEGA or UNO boards need shields? Making a connection wire is a great idea.

        I see I should have thought through the Wi-Fi decision a little more.

        I have used Plantronics for 25 years while traveling as a consultant. Their devices are great. I never had an issue and never gave any thought to it not working well in quiet. I will check the headset when it arrives.


        • The Mega Arduino use the Nervo Board as a shield.
          I tried various headset with noise cancellation, another interesting fact I noticed, is that microphone noise cancellation removes the beginning and the end of the sentence.
          This is okay if you say for example:
          “How do you do today”, the “Ho” and “ay” will be removed.
          But when you say only a short word:
          “yes”, the”y” and the “s” are removed, it turns out the robot doesn’t understand you…
          The best way to find out is to test.