• Marcos Barraza posted an update 4 years, 1 month ago

    Good morning Gael, I read your article Deep Learning For Java
    The uncanny Mr. Turing and his deep learning of LSTM neural networks and I find it extremely interesting, we have an Artificial Intelligence Workshop, I must tell you that we are amateurs and self-taught, we made a series of pregrams for Aristotle (our version of immov) read articles (25,000 per day) and tag them to form a knowledge base that can be exploited in a dialogue, the next step is to transform this knowledge base into information for learning by neural networks, at this point a question displays a large amount of information cards, our challenge is to be able to preprocess these cards to put them into a neural network, we would appreciate your comments on this issue, thanks for everything Gael.

    • Hello,
      This sounds very promising!
      I bet with ROS you should be able to benefit of already made database for neural network processing. If you want to discuss more about that, I suggest you head over to the developpers of MyRobotLab, I am sure you will have great help and clues to find together.

    • Bonjour Gaël, cela semble très intéressant. Nous avons utilisé des réseaux de neurones simples et avons utilisé des données de bases publiques. Nous le faisons avec l’idée que le robot Inmoov reconnaît les visages. l’aide serait très utile.
      Comment puis-je entrer en contact avec les développeurs de MyRobotLab?