• Markus posted an update 9 years, 9 months ago

    • very nice extra features for the Rock Paper Scissors play game. It is interesting how it seems like he really can understand what you are playing. For someone who doesn’t know, it can be very tricky.

      • Robyn understands me!!!
        this is no fake!!!!
        He chose rock scissors paper by random and asks me what i have.
        Then he understand my voice command and use variables to count the score.

        • Oh yes I know, I didn’t mean it was a fake. 🙂
          I also use the rock paper scissors on my script, and what you have added is really interesting because of the variables counted from your answers. I have modified a bit the movements of that gesture before going to New York, because people had a hard time understanding how to process for the counting before the “go”. We could share the scripts on the repository.