• Markus posted an update 7 years, 6 months ago

    hardware and software in my mecanum wheel project

    • i have made some changes after this video because i needed more power to the motors but the sketch is sill basically the same

    • Markus, this is so great, I really love those mecanum wheels!
      Are you using the Joystick service of MRL? Where did you get these cool little joystick? Can they work as remote control without cable?

      • hello Gael !
        no i am not using mrl on the arduino
        i want to be able move around without the need of the computer
        so i am working on serial communication between MRL and the arduino sketch insead

        • yes i am planning to make it wireless

          • so i can drive around in (transport mode) with inmoov off
            and when i turn inmoov on MRL can control the wheels as well

            • That’s great plan!
              I use the remote control that Alessandro gave me during the Paris Makerfaire to ride InMoov around when I need to go someplace, but I would like to be able to use it also in MRL with voice control.
              At this moment if I use voice control to tell him to drive I cannot take over with remote control.

            • Working on it 🙂