• Markus posted an update 8 years, 7 months ago

    Robyn Inmoov arm sensitive driving

    • Nice work, Markus! I see lots of applications for these touch sensors. I have also experimented with them.

    • Nice works, Makus! I see lots of applications for these touch sensors, giving a robot the sense to “feel” is huge.

    • Amazing! Looks great, easy to imagine this in a variety of applications…

    • Super Great Markus!!
      Actually we could make just a tactile bracelet for easy driving control!
      That would be easier to make, because I remember you saying in a video, that it was a bit difficult to make the sensitive forarms sensors. And the videos does show the difficulties of the task.
      I don’t remenber, did you use i2C to save analog entries on your Arduino boards?

    • Oh and I see that Robyn is getting ready for Christmas!