• Marten de Groot posted an update 8 years, 2 months ago

    Hello InMoovers,

    Last week I received my six servo’s for one InMoov Hand 🙂
    I hope soon to start printing this.

    Before I start with this, I like to upgrade my UltiMaker-2 with a new 3DSolex Olsson Block and a BuildTak 3D Print Surface.
    I also ordered some extra Nozzles for this Olson Block.
    – One RVS 0.4mm for printing with CarbonFil.
    – One 0.25mm for precise printing stuff.
    – One 1.0mm for all faster printing work. (not sure if this will help)

    The reason why I like to use one Hand, is that I can do some tests with VingerTip sensors.
    As Sensor I like to use a linear Hall-effect sensor and a small magnet.
    Ok, first I will start with a Vinger_Starter_Kit to see what happens.

    A other reason is that I’m thinking about the cables !
    Now we need to connect all servo’s via a flat-cable.
    I hope in the future that we can do this with only three/four cables (GND, Power and Signal) !
    More info will follow and if you like to read some more info about this…
    Please take a look at the MyRobotLab website:

    If you have any comments or idea’s, please feel free to share 😉

    • Woouiii you are going to make wonders with that printer!
      You should have told me when we were in Eindhoven that you wanted to build the hand to make some tests with the hall sensor, I could have brought you one that I keep for my robot in case it breaks.
      Yeah, print first the finger starter it will be easier. Let me know for the finger tip design if you need help.
      Indeed the link on your message is not showing, I need to see what causes that problem.

      • Hi Gael,

        Thanks for your offer about the spare hand 😉
        It’s no problem to print it myself, it’s a good test for my new UM2 configuration.

        I think there is a easy way to place a magnet in the top from the Vingers.
        This peace is printed in two parts, so I can drill a hole from 2mm in on of the parts.
        For the Hall sensor I’m not sure about the space, I will see when the Finger_Starter_Kit is ready.

        About the links, that will come later when this new website will support this option 🙂