• Marten de Groot posted an update 8 years, 2 months ago

    Just finished the last finger pieces for the Finger Starter Kit.
    All are printed with CarbonFil with a 0.2mm layer hight.
    (I now, it’s better to use 0.1mm 🙂 )

    • Hey looks great. Many, many more parts to print however …
      I give a filing to the finger parts where they move against each other because the printing in layers creates imperfect vertical surfaces.
      I do not want your pieces get broken but does it feel like the you might brake the parts when assembling them? I broke several with PLA and ABS when trying to push the connecting filament piece through the holes.

      • I don’t now yet with the fingers.
        The CarbonFil is great stuff and feels strong.
        I’ve used this to make some prototype parts for my Camera Gimbal.
        And it didn’t break 🙂
        For now I’m still waiting for advice about which glue I can use for this CarbonFil.

        I will come back to this question if I now more 😉

        • Hi
          thanks for your comment. What is your print bed made of and what temp / preparations do you need to make the pieces stick to it?

      • I got the same trouble. Happily with abs it can be repaired quickly with acetone.
        Some times after I found this tip, just heat to smooth the holes. It looks like Mats Önnerby tips with airgun to mount pla parts but with a solder iron.
        Have a look on this video :

        Hope it can help.

        • Hi Juerg and Sebastien,

          I’m still using the standard clean glass plate from the UM2.
          After each print, I’m cleaning the plate directly when it’s still hot.

          For CarbonFil I’m using a temp from 255 C and the heated bed is set to 60 C.
          I’m still playing with some settings.
          Most important thing is that the plate needs to be levelled well and very close to the head.
          Later this week I will see what happens with a “BuildTak 3D Print Surface”
          I hope it gives more guarantee for a good first layer.

          About the glue for the CarbonFil, I’m still waiting for a answer from FormFutura.
          Otherwise I will give it a try with some epoxy glue.
          Heating up the CarbonFil is not a good idea I think 🙂

          • I think I will sit down and create a video about my finger assembling techniques including the strings. Watch out for it.

    • Great prints Marten!
      In the video posted by Sebastien, the idea is great! Specially if you drilled the holes a bit too wide.
      But be sure that finger stays loose, in the video they are stiff, rigid, and that is not okay for the movement. The finger should move freely at each joint.

      • Haha, yes the video is good for all the joint parts.

        I was more focused how to glue all fingerparts together like part-1 with part-2 etc….
        CarbonFil is PET based and PET is difficult to glue normally.
        I hope the 30% of carbon-mix will make it easier to glue this together.