• Marten de Groot posted an update 8 years ago

    So, just finished the Finger Support plate for the servo and the Arduino board.
    I hope to have some spare time tomorrow to buy some glue for the finger parts.

    For the servo I will draw a smaller pulley so the servo can give more torque with less power.
    (original it use 90 degrees to move the finger up and down, I like to give it a try to use almost 180 degrees for on finger move)

    Here a picture from the supporting plate:

    • Hey nice Marten!!
      I like that Carbon PLA. I remember the parts you showed me in Eindhoven, the quality was very good!
      Pulley rotates 90 degrees because the HK15298B digital servo recommended for the hand rotates only 90 degrees.
      That being said, you can use any servo you like with Finger Starter and of course model your own pulleys. 🙂

      • Hey Gael,

        The CarbonFil is more PET based !
        And yes, it’s nice material to use but it needs some attentions for the first layer.
        (OK I’m still playing with some settings like Nozzle Temp and PrintSpeed)

        About the servo:
        The thing what I hope to test, is that we can use smaller servo’s so we getting less weights in the Arms !
        Each gram what we can safe, can be good to protect some servo’s 🙂
        If the 180 degrees Pulley works fine, we can use a servo with half of the torque from the HK15298B servo !
        Like the “Goteck DC1511S Digital MG High Torque Low Profile Servo” this servo weights 45 gram.
        66 * 6 = 396 (HK15298B servo)
        45 * 6 = 270 (DC1511S servo)
        This is a difference from 126 gram !
        I’m sure people can print some parts from the CarbonFil, this will safe even more weights 🙂