• Marten de Groot posted an update 8 years ago

    Here a video again, with the new servo pulley which is specially designed for a Finger movement.
    It’s designed for servo’s which can turn a full 180 degrees.
    This Pulley gives a better torque and there’s less change to move to much to destroy the servo or finger.
    There are two option about the spring (in this video I’m using a elastic cord !)…
    Now I’ve placed this elastic cord to open the finger again and the servo will decide in the closed position the max torque to the finger.
    The second option is to place the spring in the close direction, so now the spring will decide how much torque the finger can give.
    A stronger spring will give a stronger grip to the finger(s).

    Here the video: (it’s better to turn the audio volume to a lower level !)

    • Nice!
      So the white is the elastic cord and it runs all the way to the end of the finger, if I juge the white spot at finger tip.
      What kind of elastic cord? Don’t you think it will stretch more and more over time?
      I also can see the asymetric effect on the black braided line.

      • Hi Gael and thanks for your comment and time 🙂

        The elastic cord is a basic peace which you normally will use for clothes.
        It’s now just to do the job of the spring.
        I’ve ordered some springs and have to wait they will be here.

        I hope the asymmetric effect is in a positive way 🙂
        At the end of the finger position, the servo can give more torque because the pulley gets smaller and smaller at that end.

        At the moment I’m printing all other fingers for the complete hand.
        I think I will bring my printer a couple of time with me to my workplace 🙂
        Some parts for the underarm are big and takes some time to print.