• Daniel posted an update 7 years, 2 months ago

    Hello, after understanding the 3d printing process, I begin the InMoov project, so here is Bob-InMoov.

    I also created a free training center in robotics, if you are interested in participating you are welcome, you can set up training in Programming, AI, Hardware technique, 3D printing, Tips, Tools, or any other type of training for helping others, you can create formation in any formats (video, PowerPoint, Captivate, text, PDF etc ..




    • Uhh uhh, I envy you – the longer I myself print the farther away I think I am from understanding. But you have come quite far, keep on.

    • Hey teaching about something you need to learn first, why not! InMoov is the teacher and we are his students trying to learn how to make it work.
      I need to register to watch how you dismantle your 805BB servo motor? Or is it a video available on youtube?