• Simon posted an update 6 years, 10 months ago

    I am trying to find out if many people are using Gael’s finger tip sensors on their InMoov’s. Is there really any benefits of having the sensors on the finger tips.

    • Depends on if your happy with fingers that can move buts that all they can do,,, the sensors allow the fingers to realise when the have touch an object and stop the servos from moving any further,, this allows Inmoov to pick up objects that have different sizes/shapes,,- now this all done with the software,,, so this is where the guys over at MyRobotLab take over,,,, I’m not a C++ dude,,, I’m a mechanical dude,, so unless it has big picture and a colouring in section like the nxt system that’s the limit of my knowledge of programming for now,,,, this is an epic project Mr Gael has started with no limitations,,, it also involves a lot of studying so read everything you can,,- start with everything on this website then head over to MyRobotLab-,,,,then you will have better idea what system can be used to control Inmoov ,,, hope you enjoy the project,,