• Michael Hayward posted an update 4 years, 2 months ago

    Has anyone integrated “Microsoft LifeCam Studio V2” web cam into the eyes?

    • Yes, it requires some mods, but it works well. Microphone is not very responsive inside the head, the the video is good.

      • Hi Doc Johnson, that is great news, many thanks.
        I have found a couple of sites where they show you how to strip down the camera to remove the case etc. do you have any guidance on the mods that would be required? or even (pushing my luck) some pictures?

    • You have great timing; I was just getting ready to install my EZB Camera in the other eye, so I had the assy apart. I took some photos; keep in mind, I just did this as a quick and easy setup; if you think about it, you can do a much cleaner job than I did. Photos are in my album area