• Mona posted an update 4 years, 5 months ago

    hello All

    can anyone guide me with an instruction about how to modify AIML and chatbot and work with them .

    • Hello,
      You can edit the AIML in Sublime Text, make your modifications and save them.
      When running START_INMOOV.bat you can use the chatbot tab to test your modifications on the fly by clicking on the button “Restart (w/o AIMLif)”

      • I edit my modification and save the file in the chatbot directory , but when i run START_INMOOV it take very long time to download my modification to be able to start chatting (more than 30 minute ) do i have to wait, or i am doing something wrong?

        • I think it depend on how big my codes is , when i saved very short file it load the chatbot quickly , but when i saved a longer one it take very long time to Load the chatbot , so do i have to wait for 2 hour maybe?

          • If it takes too long to load the AIML it’s because there is a error in your modifications.
            You can check the log screen and see if an error appears. In most cases it says where is the error and which line in which file.
            In Manticore, it is good to throw away all the AIMLIF csv files when you make modifications to the AIML.
            The AIMLIF are autogenerated based on the AIML.