• Mats Önnerby posted an update 8 years, 6 months ago

    The new dual track servo pulleys interfere with the cover of the hand. If you use them some material needs to be removed from the arm cover to make room for the front middle pulley. Thanks to Juerg who warned me that this could be a problem.

    • Hi Mats,

      Is this a option to use:
      (sorry, there is no option to upload a picture directly in a commend)
      As you can see at the drawing, there is a normal sized part (left side) and a smaller sized part (right side).
      For the smaller side (with a oval form) you have to play to get the correct length you need.
      If this will do the job, you can lower the Pully and it will fit as normal 😉

    • Hi Marten. I just cut of a few mm’s of the hand cover support. It’s only there to support the structure during print. I don’t want to replace the dual track pulleys since they work very well. Have a look here for a demo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5S-8hjsMr8

      • Hi Mats,

        I’ve seen the video and the results are perfect !
        The option was more meant to update the Pulley’s for other InMoov builders, how like to use your Pulley’s, so they haven’t to cut anything 😉

        • From a math point of view, an excentric pulley will work very different. With two tracks, it’s just linear movements. The excentric can only work between very limited angles. With two tracks, you can rotate any angle. The ratio will still be the same.

    • Maybe reducing the filet height for the tendon, this way the pulley would be less high and wouldn’t cause a problem with the covers of the for arm.

    • Awesome solution for tensors Mats!
      Thanks a lot for it and for sharing it over thingverse!

      Saved me $$ on springs!