• mustafa aydın posted an update 5 years, 9 months ago

    Iam from Turkey, ı havent left hand and ı use myo hand prosthesis . my prosthesis little and not like my orijinal hand. ı have under 6-7 cm elbow and prostesis to the wrist and ı limb gloves.
    ı want immoov hand. ı want ask what is weight ? because weight is important for me. my ampute short. and is inmoov hand strong?

    • Hello Mustafa,
      The InMoov hand version1 is rather light, but the servos are set in the forarm which is not always usefull for prosthetic purpose. Depending on the material you will use to print the fingers it can add resistance. Carbon 3D printing is the strongest I have seen for now regarding weight and strength.
      InMoov hand version2 is not ready yet because I’m looking for sponsors to develop it correctly. I want to produce it at low cost, with injection moldings which are expensive to start with.