• pablo posted an update 5 years, 10 months ago

    Hello colleagues, see if you can help me with myrobotlab programming.When I plug in the Arduino board and the Nervo board Through myrobotlab I do not have any Problem to move the servos,But when I put and myrobotlab with inmoov.bat It is impossible for anything to work, It gives me as connected to the Arduino by the com3, But I can not make anything work,I’ve even opened a servo in the runtime And it does not work either.I think it’s a problem starting the port I have made the installation step by step, And I’m completely lost. I have the head and arms mounted And they all work with myrobotlab but independently, But there’s no way to get it to work Put the executable and the scripts.Thank you very much to all I hope you can help me since I am very Frustrated. regards