• Steve posted an update 1 year, 2 months ago

    Does anyone here know if this is the correct Audrino Mega ( Arduino Mega 2560 REV3 [A000067])

    • Hello,
      Sorry I have been under a load of work work lately and was hoping you would get the answer from the community.
      Indeed this is the correct Arduino Mega 2560 REV3.

      • I ended up buying the arduino uno,
        But thanks for replying, I have one more question, what else would I need to purchase besides the item I already purchased?
        I know I need to buy the nervo board + components, but what else am I missing? If I’m not mistaken, wouldn’t I need to buy some sort of small motor like a stepper motor?

        • Hello, The Arduino UNO is only to control a hand. If you plan on building the robot, you will need 2 Arduino Mega. Have a look into the page “hardware and BOM”, you will find most of the things you are wondering about regarding materials and motors.