• pedro posted an update 7 years, 11 months ago

    im sorry for the very bad filming, maybe someone is interested in send sms from your phone just by talking to inmoov

    • and im sorry be in portuguese, im basically sending a test message

    • and using MRL myrobotlab.org

    • Very nice! I was wondering how to modify my aiml to read the battery level of the pc running InMoov, any idea?

      • That should not be very hard, just a python to read the value and execute a mouth.speach with the value in the same python. I can try check when have time! I’m also sending emails and browsing net with inmoov, and setting events on google calendar

        • But where should the python grab the value, that is where I am a bit stuck.
          Great progress with your aiml files! Did you check the aiml’s of Anthony (moz4r)? He also can load pictures on to the screen at request of the user and share data with other InMoov robots.

          • i have see some things of him yes! Python is a very powerfull tool and very easy to use, i will try to find what u need, my vacations ended so i dont have so much time but if i have time i will do it