• Perry posted an update 6 years, 11 months ago

    Seeing Marten’s great work I am rebuilding my forearms as well. Similar concept except I am trying to preserve as much of Gael’s design as possible. Works with his servo holder and standard servos. I had to hollow out RotaWrist1V4 so now there is a straight path for the tendons. The wrist drive is not offset so a straight shaft drives the wrist. I didn’t want to mess with the offset even though Marten is making it work pretty well.

    • Hi Perry,

      It’s nice to see your idea about this.
      I think I will see your complete setup tomorrow, I hope it works well and I can’t wait to see a video !

      Keep up the good work 😉

    • Cool design Perry,
      this is nice to give room for the tendons to run straight out from the wrist to the Servobed.

      • Thanks Gael, I a trying to adopt some of your design practices to make parts robust and cleanly exported. I have stopped putting a radius on everything (just because they are easy and look cool). I am starting to see the beauty of a simple to work with STL that can be modified by others. A little more function over form. The simple little parts fit together to create the form.