• Perry posted an update 6 years, 4 months ago

    • Cool,,, any problems with the build process for the legs,,?

      • very beautiful. it happens almost right on the ceiling.

      • @mindless Actually there are fitment issues if you try to move the legs. Portions of the upper thigh hits the waist. Dremel fixed that all. No other big surprises. I didn’t use the internal reinfordcements or threades rode.
        It is obvious they are pretty much for display and they do not have the degrees of freedom needed to function. Still they are cool.

        • Cool – I haven’t even checked the STL out yet ( putting the final touches on the Gearboxes ) but the design appearance is a perfect match for Inmoovs top half – cant wait to start the massacre on them,,, lol —-,,, I can’t thank Mr Gael enough for releasing them cos I really suck at organic modelling–,,

    • Great prints and build Perry!