• peter posted an update 6 years, 7 months ago

    Robbie’s arm moving with ROS moveit

    • hey, very interesting! Surprising how you allow the robot to do very unhuman movements. With ROS moveit you also can get the robot to know where he stands in a given space before he makes the movements?

      • The arm angle a computed through inverse kinamatics i just select the position of the gripper. The settings are out of the box as are the planners I have only had the arm working for a week now still lots to try and lots to learn. With ROS every link and joint is measured to the base link which is localized on the map. So if the object is at X,Y,Z ROS will show the robot in relation to that object. Planning for a move will also look for things that are in the way and go around them. Inverse IK should be discussed on the fourm