• Sebastien posted an update 7 years, 1 month ago

    Airwin InMoov driven with a wireless PS2 gamepad

    • I like your drive system. Can you share some details about the components you used to build it – motors, servos?

    • i like your choice color in your inmoov!!!

    • Awesome, now we can go racing!!
      Thanks for all the links. I am still using a huge Transmitter gracefully given by Alessandro during the Paris Makerfaire, but I really want to build something much smaller which could transmit directly to the receiver.
      Having two functionality for the mobile plateform is super handy when you travel with InMoov.
      -First I can control InMoov by voice commands through MyRobotLab, that is what I use, but I am sure EZ can do it as well.
      -Second I use the remote control with receiver to drive InMoov around without the need of MyRobotLab, it saves battery when software is not required.

      I have made a lock system to avoid the motor touching the riding wheel, which lets the wheel being free of rotation. This allows me to push InMoov by hand and to still use the remote to direct the direction motor.
      I should post a video to explain, it’s always better to understand.

      • Sebastien and Gael, Thanks for sharing the details on your bases. They are very simple and efficient. How much weight can the base carry/move around. Gael, yes, EZ Robot can do the voice controls as well. I can run my drive motors with Voice command, or manually on the computer or mobile app. I’m looking at building a lighter base like this but where to put the batteries.