• Ray Edgley posted an update 2 years, 3 months ago

    Part two of Fred’s Brain.
    In this video we look at the Servo Service in MyRobotLab and how we set them up on our robots.
    Fred has quite a number of servos, and once the arms and hands are attached, there will be a lot more 🙂

    • Great video Ray. I wish I was as confident at writing code.


      • Keep in mind, I’ve been playing with this for 6 years now 🙂
        Confidence comes with time.
        If you go back an look at some of the very early stuff from Gael, he wasn’t confident with programming at all, Look at what he’s doing now and you would think he was a full time programmer instead of a best in field sculptor designer. 🙂
        The idea behind these videos is to help you learn more and develop your own confidence.
        One thing about this project is there is always something new to learn.

        The Fred_Inmoov program is still evolving and growing as i learn more.
        Suggestion for additions are welcome 🙂