• Peter posted an update 5 years ago

    I made some skin for my Inmoov

    • how did you do it?
      Is it silicone?

    • Very interesting! You did a great job, it is so real! I was wondering if I’m able to do that! You must post the receipe! How did you do for the eye,S lids?

    • That is brilliant. Creepy as hell, but brilliant!

      It would be really interesting to know the process you used to create the mould for the silicone. Did you use a sculpt, or did you use a 3D file as the basis?

      • Peter replied 5 years ago

        I simply made a plaster mould of the 3d printed face and copied it with about 5mm of silicone

    • Very good job! Could you post a picture or video of the face and eyes without the skin? And the interior of the skin for the attachments? It’s very interesting!

    • Very, very nice effect!
      The silicone seems extremely soft, did you add a lot of silicone oil?
      Is the skin mounted with magnets?