• John Hughes posted an update 6 years, 6 months ago


    I am about to start on this big project and I want to start with the head down like alot of the builds here. I want to print the eye section first. As I am new to 3d printing, would I need to use support material for the eye piece? If someone can direct me on what you did I can get started and post my progress.

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    • hi i am also new to 3d printing and am also trying to build the inmoov i just printed strait from the file worked OK for me

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      I thought I did read somewhere once that alot of the parts for the inmoov shouldn’t need support material. I will have to give a go and see how it turns out. How far have you got?

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      • Hi Guys — Slice the parts “Without Support Material” then Slice “With Support Material” and see if any is Generated,,,,,, then use your best judgment to decide if it’s really needed,,,,