• John Hughes posted an update 5 years ago

    Hi. I printed the eye plate as per instructions and without support material and it came out perfectly. The next parts I printed was the Upper mouth pieces that join to the bottom of the eye part. They have what I believe are support material under the nose and similar to rear sides. I am not sure if I am meant to remove the rear ones as I don’t know if they are intended to be a part of something or support material only. I couldn’t see any pictures of the insides of the head with these parts only. Also, they seem to be joined on well, do I just break them off, or will I need to cut and sand the areas back? Kind Regards Ian

    • Hay John…, if you go to the STL Parts Library and just Single click on a Picture the part will pop up in a Viewer that just spin the part around and around so you can see all sides of it,,, it can be very handy for checking stuff like that out – but yes those pieces under the Nose come off – Mr Gael adds the Support material to some pats part instead of letting the Slic3r generate it –

      ** Not sure about the side material you mentioned but the “Viewer” will let you know–

      • Hi. Thanks for that, it is support structure that I can remove. That’s good. One thing though is I notice that the Top Mouth is now version 3. I printed the earlier version I downloaded a few weeks ago. Can I still use this, or do I have to do a reprint? Kind Regards Ian

        • Here’s a quick import I just done of a Version 2 I had archived ( light Tan) – and the new V3 Version I just downloaded (brown) – there been a lot of updates to this pieces so I would definitely reprint the new version,,, ( see the pic in the new post)

          • Hi Could you send me a link to the post you referenced. I assume considering I just did a 6 hour print on the top mouth there should be some way of still using it?

            Kind Regards


            • There is no Post I work on the fly –,, you should still be able to use it ,,, as you can see there a couple of Screw holes that have been added I assume there so you can screw “SidehearV3” on instead of gluing them which is a good idea,,, and its 1 piece instead of 2 which is a good idea — But it’s up to you which way to go,,, I haven’t used Mr Gaels Parts in a while and i design my own parts based off his originals designs – 6hr of Printing is nothing when it comes to Inmoov,,,, it is a massive project to undertake with Hundred’s of hours’ worth of Printing,,,,, which can turn into Thousands for some— its one of those projects that will never end —,,