• John Hughes posted an update 6 years, 3 months ago

    Hi. As I print the head I want to be able to add the electronics in as I go, rather than build the whole lot and add them in later. For the Eye mechanism I noticed that I need three Servos. The ones recommended seem to be close to $60 or more dollars each. Is there a more affordable but safe alternative for the servos, and would anyone have a link to such a resource? Kind Regards Ian

    • Looking good,,, shop around for Servos and spend a day or 2 researching them,,,, I just uses Ebay to get a price average –

      9G SG90 Micro Servo — the x2 small ones for the eyes-,, these are the cheapest you can get,,,, and you get what you pay for when it comes to servos—(normally)

      MG996R Servos – these are the “Standard size” servos find in 1/10 buggy and stuff,,,, or 20 /40 is what I call them ,,( because there roughly 20mm x 40mm in size) there very common,, and they go from $6 to $100+

      1 /4 scale or 1/5 th scale gets a little weird when it comes the size and bolt hole pattern – use the HS-BB-805 like everyone else I guess …

      Mr Gael gives a list of the servos in the BOM that he has used and what he thinks of them,,, so I would read it carefully,,,, he’s has been there done that and probably has a bucket full of broken Servo,,, — My servo experience is based on racing Tamiya 1/10 buggies for many many years and few smashed planes,,, and one high speed drone that lasted for 8.3sec,,