• John Hughes posted an update 6 years, 5 months ago

    Hi. So I am starting to reprint my inmoov from scratch. I started with some cheap filament that came on 250g rolls, but now I am buying 1kg rolls but its whiter and I want a uniform print. But, if I decided to spray the parts like I see some people have done, what do people use. I assume I would need to sand the surface. What Grits would you use and then would I use automotive filler spray and then automotive spray for the final gloss finish?

    I think I would like to stick to the 3d printed finish, as it is a bluey white finish, which looks good. But I may change my mind. Kind Regards Ian

    • I had some not so nice joins between parts after a glue failure, so I hid the ugliness with some nice red paint.
      I sanded starting a 80 grit on the belt sander (Don”t do this, it melts the plastic)
      I worked my way up the grits to 400 grit, hand sanding.
      Then used some high gloss enamel paint.
      The result were quite reasonable.
      I would not suggest painting the whole of your robot, but rater selected panels to bring out the contrasting colors.

      The other method is to use different colored filaments as some other builders have done to great affect.

      Regards, Ray

    • Yep,, that right,,, buy all different Sandpaper Grades in the small rolls or sheets you will need some 800grit for sanding between coats of the Spray Putty and 1200grit for Sanding between the finish coats but get some 250grit /400grit/600grit for the rough work it just depends on how rough the Plastic Surface is to start with – Dulux have released a newish formula in there “Dulux Duramax” enamel –,Its Magic Stuff,,,, had to re-furbish 8 of steel /Gal dip/ Powder coated door frames—one of the Tradies I know put my onto it– ,, I would highly recommend it it’s the best I’ve come across—( and suitable for most Plastics too) – $15 a can and worth every dollar—(Fine Mist/Quick Dry/and sticks to anything)