• John Hughes posted an update 4 years, 10 months ago

    Hi. This is how far I have got my project. I have the head upright on the basic shoulder parts. I have my servos on order so I will be doing some work on wiring it up soon. The Shoulder area is not totally stable and I was wondering what extra parts add on the bottom to give it some stablity until I am ready to move on. Can any one direct me to the parts that add on next? Kind Regards Ian

    • Damian got a pic of his inmoov a few Post down ( Muiti-Coloured one),,, he has got the Front and Back Chest Plates plus the 2 Center Beams Fully built — ,, Personally i would do that ,, but do not Permanently join them together — you can permanently join each of the smaller plate pieces together in to Make the 4 Major section ( Front/Back Plates and x2 Center Beam) but don’t permanently join those 4 Major section together ,,,,,