• Wally posted an update 8 years ago

    This may be a taboo subject, although does anyone have a count on total parts that need to be printed up to date? ( I realize the project is not “complete” )

    • Not sure anymore, but at one point I had designed 194 parts. I guess it would be good to re-count to get an update.

    • Hello Wally and hello all the community of InMoov. We made a basic count about the printing hours you need to create (more or less) all the Robot, at 70 mm/sec and with a good quality printing (2/3 shells, 20% infill).
      Maybe could be useful for all. Sorry it’s in italian but I think the meaning could be clear.

      Chest & Back 60 ore macchina
      Left Hand 32 ore macchina
      Right Hand 32 ore macchina
      Face & Jaw 15 ore macchina
      Skull & Ears 25 ore macchina
      Neck (2x) 10 ore macchina cad.
      Shoulder (2x) 32 ore macchina cad.
      Eyes Mechanism 4 ore macchina
      Bicep (2x) 40 ore macchina cad.
      Forearm (2x) 25 ore macchina cad.
      Neck 15 ore macchina
      Stomach 55 ore macchina
      Low stomach 15 ore macchina
      Mid stomach 40 ore macchina
      Torso 24 ore macchina

      TOTALE ore macchina 531 – Calcolo su Nozzle 0.4 Layer 0.25
      RISCHIO di aborto: 25%
      Maybe Gael can conferim this.
      All the best from Italy!