• wzj posted an update 8 years, 5 months ago

    Now i adding the control elec part which buy from internet STM32 control board, ARM control board…, and the webcam also, for the webcam have the sdk that i can use to integrate image and sound into my Android control software 🙂
    and @Geal, can i take my robot to join the china 2016 makefair show?

    • Great!!
      When is the Makerfaire in China and where? Let me know because we might organise something for this year’s Shenzen Makerfaire if time is okay.
      Hey isn’t the camera board a bit too big to get the eyes moving? Or will you dismantle the board to keep only the lens in the eye place?

      • 1)Well, i look for the official website, but it still not says when and where is the shenzhen 2016 show, i will tell you as soon as possible when i get the latest news
        2)Yes… the camera board is big, because it have wifi on it, in fact i take apart the cover of webcam and use it’s pcba board only. And i fix the board, so the eyes cann’t move. If i want to see other angel, i have to command the neck to turn around/up down… whatever, it works and sees no bad.