The Finger Starter kit is a 3D printed ABS product that will let you build and program the InMoov finger.

It is a good starting point in the process of learning InMoov, MyRobotLab, Arduino, servo and programing.

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Link to the Tutorial

The kit contains:

1 x 3D printed base support in ABS with a FDM printer at 0.4mm thickness

1 x 3D printed finger parts in ABS with a FDM printer at 0.4mm thickness

1 x 0.70 meter braided 200 LB tendon

1 x 5cm filament for peg/pin use to assemble finger joints (color may vary)

1 x Wheel horn adapter (Servo Pulley)

4 x Screws to fix the servo to the base support.


The kit does NOT contain: -Arduino Uno -Servo motor

Compatible with:

-Arduino Uno, Leonardo, Duelaminove…Check for similar size board specifications.

-Servo motor MG946r, MG996r, HK15298, HK15298B, and more… Check for similar size specifications.

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    • Hello,
      InMoov is under a CC-by-NC license, no commercial companies are allowed to sell parts of the robot.
      The project is designed to print your own robot and learn through the process how the whole thing can work. If you are interested, I suggest to get a 3D printer and start making the hand or the head. Careful it is pretty addictive.

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