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This sensor is used in the chest of the robot to detect human movement. 
It allows the robot to wake up if movement is detected.
This item is compatible with the NervoBoard.

1. automatic induction: when someone enters its induction range, enter the high level, people leave the sensor range is automatically delayed. Low output.
2. Two trigger modes: L is non-repeatable, H is repeatable. Can be selected jumper, the default is H.
A. Non-repeatable trigger mode: the induction output high, the delay time is over, the output will automatically change from high to low.
B. Repeated trigger mode: that is, after sensing the high output, in the delay time period, if the human body in its range of sensing activities, its output will remain high until what the delay after the person will leave the high level changes to low level (The detection module automatically delays a delay after each activity of the human body, and takes the time of the last activity as the starting point of the delay).
3. Induction blocking time (default setting: 3-4 seconds): after each detection output (low high level), the detection module can be followed by a blocking time, during which it is detected, l device does not receive any sense signal. This function can be used to achieve the interval between detection output time and blocking time. It can be applied to interval detection products. At the same time, this function can effectively suppress all kinds of interference in the load switching process.
4. Wide operating voltage range: the default operating voltage DC5V to 20V
5. Micro-power: quiescent current 65 micro amps, especially for dry battery electric products.
6. Output high level signal: can be easily with different types of circuits to achieve docking.

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Dimensions 5 × 3 × 3 cm

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