The two servo need to be hack for contious rotation.

One of the two servo will be control by the other so you have to remove the board and potentiometer of this servo (keep it preciously for spare part s if one day you burn a 805B servo controller).

Three welding to remove to detach the servo controler board and the square potentiometer

Weld two Wires directly on the motor, dot red point for positive (i suppose).


and cut as usally the small piece that block the full rotation of the servo motors

step4On the second servo motors weld the 2 wires on the board like this. Be carefull to set sale color cable to same position


I need to cut the white link cable to mount the 2 servos on their holder. Also better if one  need to be replaced.

If all is ok, a quick test with the sweep example script on arduino should produce what you can see on this vidéo…

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