• First chest plate with the rebate for the Bearings,,,,

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    Hello colleagues, see if you can help me with myrobotlab programming.When I plug in the Arduino board and the Nervo board Through myrobotlab I do not have any Problem to move the servos,But when I put and myrobotlab with inmoov.bat It is impossible for anything to work, It gives me as connected to the Arduino by the com3, But I can not make…[Read more]

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    Hi I am obviously having trouble negotiating around the site. I can find printing the parts but I am having trouble finding tutorials or step by steps on building the parts. I want to get the black screws to connect the eye piece to the upper mouth. What type of screws do I need and where would there be a step by step guide to construction be?

    I…[Read more]

    • The “Build Yours” Tab has the tutorials and ever thing else you need ,,, some of the tutorials are using older parts I’m not sure if Mr Gael has updated them because its a time consuming job –
      The Screws your looking for are in there in the “Hardware Map & BOM”— near the bottom of the “Build yours” List – –

      • Hi
        Thank you for that. All found now and its a bit clearer what I need to do. I will have links in my favorites bar to these now so I will be able to move along ok. Thanks for your patience. Kind Regards Ian

        • No worries,,,, I don’t mind helping Newbies getting started off,,,
          “Hope you enjoy the Inmoov Project”

          • Hi I just dug out my xbox kinect and thought as a side project I would start looking at setting it up. I assume I would need to start with the nervo board? and work from there. Can I purchase a pre made board? Kind Regards Ian

            • Not that I know of,,, people use all sorts of gear to get there inmove running- some just have the arm and work on movement operation – some build the whole thing but have no idea on how to run it — there’s no hard and fast rules here but you must know Software /hardware setup – solder skills Arduino setup and Basic Coding ect -,,,, if you k…[Read more]

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    After working hard, finally finished the project.

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    Hi. I printed the eye plate as per instructions and without support material and it came out perfectly. The next parts I printed was the Upper mouth pieces that join to the bottom of the eye part. They have what I believe are support material under the nose and similar to rear sides. I am not sure if I am meant to remove the rear ones as I don’t…[Read more]

    • Hay John…, if you go to the STL Parts Library and just Single click on a Picture the part will pop up in a Viewer that just spin the part around and around so you can see all sides of it,,, it can be very handy for checking stuff like that out – but yes those pieces under the Nose come off – Mr Gael adds the Support material to some pats par…[Read more]

      • Hi. Thanks for that, it is support structure that I can remove. That’s good. One thing though is I notice that the Top Mouth is now version 3. I printed the earlier version I downloaded a few weeks ago. Can I still use this, or do I have to do a reprint? Kind Regards Ian

        • Here’s a quick import I just done of a Version 2 I had archived ( light Tan) – and the new V3 Version I just downloaded (brown) – there been a lot of updates to this pieces so I would definitely reprint the new version,,, ( see the pic in the new post)

          • Hi Could you send me a link to the post you referenced. I assume considering I just did a 6 hour print on the top mouth there should be some way of still using it?

            Kind Regards


            • There is no Post I work on the fly –,, you should still be able to use it ,,, as you can see there a couple of Screw holes that have been added I assume there so you can screw “SidehearV3” on instead of gluing them which is a good idea,,, and its 1 piece instead of 2 which is a good idea — But it’s up to you which way to go,,, I haven’t…[Read more]

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    12mm acrylic glass s back and front plate… what you think guys?

    • Cool,,, keep the pics rolling in as work progresses it would very cool to see the Chest plates done in Acrylic,,, I cant see too many problems will the chest plates being 12mm instead of 10mm ,, There should be very little “Knock on” effect or nothing the cant be modded to suit –

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    I have a neck :)

  • Here is my latest video. This time I’m looking at the rotational wrist. Please leave comments.

    • Hay Steve ,,, Nice Vid and really nice Grey finish on the Wrist -,,
      Using the “Scale” setting in the Slicer is very handy to fine tune some parts- especially Gears- a 1% or even Half a Percent Reduction in size can save a lot of headaches,,,
      Anyway ,,, good to see your documenting your building process —

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    Hay Guys,,, just uploaded a Mock up Savox Servo-0236MG which is basically the same as the HS-BB-805 you can check it out here –


    • I printed one but it won’t work. I can’t figure out how to plug it in.

      • That’s because it runs on Zero Point Energy with a Gravity Warp drive as it’s back up power,, you cannot see the the Gear Train because its imbedded in a Cloaking Device,,,, Come on Perry everybody know this,,,,

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    At last my head is ready, tomorrow will start neck and chest….
    In mean time bit humbrol putty, sanding and paint my my InMoov

    • Ho ho ho,,, Very cool – –
      I’v tried a few different types of putty’s over the years,,,,

      Auto Spray Putty works well and gives a really nice finish ,,,,it takes way to many coats to get rid of the layer lines so sand the object smooth first then use it,,,,, and has a bit of flex to it

      Timber putty works well and is easy to Sand down—but tends to…[Read more]

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    I agree we need a but, some thing nice according to his personality.

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    Is just a test. How is going to look, but I missing the original files I adapted from an original Amazon warrior, but i can’t find it again. It look nice.

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    Bonjour , je suis très impressionné par votre travail. Je commence la construction du robot DEPUIS 15 JOURS je voulais tester le demarreur de doigt ,et il y a une erreure 404 pour le telechargement du code source arduino .
    pouvez vous m indiquer un lien pour le telecharger merci , je poste des photos des que possible
    merci et encore bravo

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    The Pole is too short to put his feet on, but I’ll buy a new one tomorrow :D

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    Reply for Baily and anyone else,,,
    Just found out myself the other day – here’s a pic of the New and Old Wormgear for the Gearbox’s in the Arm – So there not backwards compatible judging by the thickness of the Bottom shaft,,, I’m not sure how many Parts have been changes,, – but that the great thing about Inmoov ,,, it’s constantly evolving,,,,,…[Read more]

    • Hello Mindless,
      Thanks for the help you provide to the other builders.
      You can check from time to time the Update list that I keep for people to track what I have changed:


      In the Gallery I kept the older version of the shoulder in a seperate directory for people that might still need the Older Version. It also…[Read more]

      • No worries Mr Gael,,, always willing to help out whenever possible-

        PS- I did not realize that the latest Part updates where at the Bottom the page and not at the Top,,,,,,, (not really sure if Ii should have admitted to that)


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  • I’ve finished shoulders and just found new parts! Is any parts interchangeable like pitmit or pittit? Would like to run cable thur shoulder. Input greatly appreciated.

    • Hello,
      PivGear and Rot Gear can be used in the older version. You also can use the new WormGear in the old PivCenter.
      If you want you can run the cables also through the older version in the same manner than the new version.

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    still printing the torso but to be fair id build my own 3d printer which at the moment is is printing realy good prints i have printed the whole head,neck, eyes are in with the cameras and the servo,s all good so far

  • John Hughes posted an update 1 week, 6 days ago


    I am about to start on this big project and I want to start with the head down like alot of the builds here. I want to print the eye section first. As I am new to 3d printing, would I need to use support material for the eye piece? If someone can direct me on what you did I can get started and post my progress.

    Kind Regards


    • hi i am also new to 3d printing and am also trying to build the inmoov i just printed strait from the file worked OK for me

    • Hi

      I thought I did read somewhere once that alot of the parts for the inmoov shouldn’t need support material. I will have to give a go and see how it turns out. How far have you got?

      Kind Regards


      • Hi Guys — Slice the parts “Without Support Material” then Slice “With Support Material” and see if any is Generated,,,,,, then use your best judgment to decide if it’s really needed,,,,

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  • Bonjour,
    J’ai débuté la construction d’un inMoov-robot cet été, et de fil en aiguille j’ai eu l’occasion de créer un groupe FB pour échanger ; ce groupe ayant dépasser la 40aine de personnes, avec de belle choses, je le cite : il s’agit de “inMoov-paralle-project” un groupe résolument francophone, sur lequel d’autres groupe se greffen…[Read more]

    • bonsoir,
      le groupe se trouve sur facebook ??
      mes amitiers

      • oui, le groupe est sur facebook…petite erreur, il s’agit de “inMoov-parallel-project”, clin d’oeil un nom anglophone pour un groupe francophone ;)

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    Bonjour, je suis vraiment content de rejoindre ce site et de m’y avoir inscrit ;-) , pour plus d’information sur moi je suis de Tournai en Belgique et mon métier principal et électricien, mes hobbies principaux et le radioamateurisme et l’electronique.
    je viens de commander ma première imprimante 3D créality CR-10 et je voudrai grace a l’…[Read more]

  • Testing wheelbase for the first time.

  • InMoov named EVO runs around for 3 hours non stop greeting students at California State University, Long Beach – had a great time shaking hands with a lot of people in a very busy environment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wK3rZHgVgrw

    [Read more]

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