• Hi, I’m having some issues with the payment. I’ve ordered the Nervo board and when I want to pay it doesn’t work. I’m from Argentina, could be that the reason why?

  • Thank you Gael Langevin for your amazing design, they are so well thought off, it just makes me feel like a child again assembling the puzzles, all the printing and playing.. This has kept me entertained, excited and loads of learning and fun.

  • Wonderful once they are assembled.

  • I have been slowing accumulating printed parts. Its time to get assembling..

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  • Hi Everyone, We’ve started with the Inmoov right hand as our very first project for our school STEMlab. We’ve been having a few issues with getting My Robot Lab running, it seems to refuse to open saying we’ve got inmoov.py not available. Does anyone have any advice? We’ve got to show it off to the school governors on Monday afternoon and to…[Read more]

    • You should probably paste the exact error, and also tell us if you run on a pc, mac or linux ?

      • Hi Morten,
        Sorry, I’m running on a Windows 7 pc, the error I’m getting is;
        Error : C:\windows\system32\InMoov\InMoov.py is not available CHECK ABOUT SPACES INSIDE FOLDERS NAME or SPECIAL CHARACTERS
        “c:\mrl” is a great place to start

        • Did you follow the installations instructions for mrl properly, because the Start_Inmoov.bat would be in the c:mrl folder as would the mrl files and not where your fault message is pointing. I suggest you delete and start again following exactly the instructions on the mrl site like this

          Setup software

          Download JAVA 8 -…[Read more]

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    Robina, A girl was born

  • Isabel posted an update 1 week, 5 days ago

    Making progress! Almost done with both arms as well and will attach once mid stomach is complete.

    I am having a problem with the two parts under the Kinect simply not fitting. Does anyone have any suggestions for making it fit or have an edited .stl that works better?

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    Neopixel ring for Eyes

  • bastelgarage posted an update 1 week, 5 days ago

    Head is growing…

  • bastelgarage posted an update 1 week, 5 days ago

    First InMoov Lady in progress….

  • Robbi posted an update 1 week, 5 days ago

    Before I start to build the head, I\’m looking for someone here in the community who gave the face a female emotion.
    I appreciate your answers :-)

    • i believe since females then results from programming, female voice and breastplate changes

      • Hi bastelgarage,
        can we talk in German ?
        Was hast du am Kopf verändert ? Nur etwas pink ist mir zu wenig weiblich. Ich denke da eher an eine bestimmte Augenbraunform und eine andere Lippenkontur.
        If you do not understand my German reply, please let me know.

        • Hallo Robbi
          Da ich auch noch neu hier bin, habe ich am Kopf noch keine änderungen gemacht. Ich werde den InMoov zuerst ganz normal zusammenbauen und mir dann wenn ich die einzelheiten kenne Spezialteile bauen. Ich kenne mich sonst komme ich nie an mein Ziel, wenn ich schon am Anfang zeit für Abänderungen investiere. Ich denke mal ich werde Br…[Read more]

          • English:
            Hi Robbi
            Since I’m new here, I haven’t made any changes to my head. I will assemble the InMoov first as usual and then when I know the details I will build special parts. Otherwise I never get to my destination if I invest time for changes right from the beginning. I think I’ll make breasts and a thong. (Then nobody looks at the eyes…[Read more]

    • Hab grad das noch gefunden:


      schau dir unten die Bilder an, ist was du suchst.
      mfg Alf

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  • Sam Gulve posted an update 2 weeks ago

    Hello all. I am Sam and I just joined. Very excited to be part of this group. I am looking to connect with others in Bangalore, India region who have worked with InMoov before or are working on it at present. Would love to understand from your experience. You can reach out to me at samgulve@gmail.com

  • jameller posted an update 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    Hello, my name is Joan and I am a high school teacher in Spain. I want to start the project with my students and I have some doubts:
    Can you print the pieces with pla?
    The first step will be to buy a printer because we do not have, is an A8 network suitable for this job?
    I want to print and assemble an arm and a hand with my students, what do you…[Read more]

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  • Obsidian posted an update 2 weeks, 5 days ago

    Hello. I\’m having some trouble understanding the neck. It looks like it\’s a newer version for the STL files in the gallery than what\’s in the instructions. Does anyone have a link on how this new neck attaches to the head? Thank you in advance.

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    Hola, mi nombre es Nazareth Quetzalcoatl Marino Hurtado CEO de Labmake México en Chilpancingo Guerrero, trabajamos sobre prótesis en impresión 3d, elaboración de impresoras 3d, drones y mas cosas en proyectos de impacto social.

  • Daniele Lai posted an update 2 weeks, 6 days ago

    My first experiment with InMoov is done – Finger started completed :D

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  • Robbi posted an update 2 weeks, 6 days ago

    I burn for the new informations :-)

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  • Robbi posted an update 2 weeks, 6 days ago

    Hi Sebastien,
    well, I was allready in contact to Teemu about this matter.
    I want to print out the head of the robot.
    Do you have a link for me where I get the CAD-data to do this ?
    And has this robot or this project a name ?

  • gabriele posted an update 3 weeks ago

    ciao a tutti mi da questo messaggio di errore come posso risolvere il problema ? grazie


    @author GroG (at) myrobotlab.org

    This file is part of MyRobotLab.

    Enjoy !

    Purpose: support servos, sensors, analog & digital polling
    oscope, motors, range sensors, pingdar & steppers.

    Requirements:…[Read more]

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  • Two questions
    1. Good ideas about computer that runs in mood well. Have tried several but the Lenovo I bought twice didn’t work because of damage. My laptops work but too big. Asus t102 shudders when talking and mouth movements ara way off. So is anyone using something that really works?
    2. Does MRl support wheels so inmoov can move on its o…[Read more]

  • Roger posted an update 3 weeks, 4 days ago

    MRL…shit Program…Connection to Ardurino Mega failed every time. And now…the Programm collapsed. Deleted, new intalled and now, while using the full-konfiguration it collapsed again…I hate it!!!

    • Hi Roger,
      Not a very nice thing to write, if you only knew how much work that is behind MRL, an not to mention the truck load of user that use it all the time without this problems..

      This smells like and can be any of this: bad java installation, poor quality usb cables, pc problem or even a shity arduino copy :)

      if your are able to when i…[Read more]

      • Hi Morten,
        thank You for Your anwer. Well, I know, there are many People to make this
        possible and they did a great work. I know also, that the most problems with computers will be found right in front of the screen… I guess, i’m one of those… But I will never give up! It is a learning day by day. So, thank’s for your help
        Greetings, Roger

      • Roger
        did fight with this for a long time and conclusion was that my arduinos did not reset as expected. I am using this code now, sometimes it takes a long time to connect but I never experienced a no-connect with this:

        # try and retry to connect the arduinos

        def connectArduinos():

        left = Runtime.createAndStart(“i01.left”, “Arduino”)…[Read more]

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