• Here is a new mod. This time to make the Jaw super quiet.

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  • Markus posted an update 1 day, 19 hours ago

    Robyn Inmoov Vlog 3

  • Markus posted an update 4 days, 1 hour ago

    Robyn Inmoov Vlog 2

  • Working on pressure sensors and was wondering where in mrl is the settings and how to calibrate? Thanks

    • Hay Baily,, Did you have a look through Markus YouYube Videos ( Post Above) theirs some Pressure Sensor ones,,,

  • Mindless posted an update 1 week ago

    Some more Mod work on the Forearms,,, The Female Receiver (Hinge /Bolt Section) has been Thickened up a lot to make it as Strong as Possible ( there’s still 3 to 4mm Clearance during Rotation Cycle ) — the Interior has been Gutted-Out so only the Servo Bed Mounts are left ( and the Section where i Stitched to the x2 Parts together),,,

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  • Tony Lawley posted an update 1 week, 1 day ago

    @ Anmar, Re Springs. These photos show what I did to take up any slack in the fish line. The servos are spring loaded and the top plate has built in guides for the fish line.

  • Tony Lawley posted an update 1 week, 1 day ago

    A Video showing the spring loaded Servos

  • Tony Lawley posted an update 1 week, 1 day ago

    Here is a link to the thingiverse page for the Wrist.

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  • Anmar Mashat posted an update 1 week, 1 day ago

    Hello every one, i am new here and this is my first post here
    so i am welling to make my inmoov
    i got all the servo i need
    but i want to ask about
    extension spring 0.51mm diameter, 1cm length(13/64″x13/16″)
    where can i buy it and one has a site that sell exactly this for the inmoov ?

    • This is the start-up pack most people get when they start building stuff,,,, and i’m 90% sure this is what Mr Gael and everyone uses for inmoov ,,,,,you can track the individual springs down on eBay but it can take a bit of time to track down– these packs are all over…[Read more]

  • Tony Lawley posted an update 1 week, 2 days ago

    My first post here so HELLO Everyone. A big thanks To Gaël LANGEVIN for such great work. It’s the best way I know to spend time. (Except with my Wife of course)!

    Another Video of the wrist.

  • Tony Lawley posted an update 1 week, 2 days ago

    Here is a new 180 ° Wrist for T-One the Inmoov robot. It can turn a full 180 ° without the fingers moving from their position. The fingers and palm shown in the videos are NinjaFlex.

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  • If official, we have started to make our own inmoov in Chula Vista Vs. this is my son dream of making a robot, I’m just the helper.

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  • Nse Obot posted an update 1 week, 3 days ago

    Hi all, I’m working on developing bipedal locomotion for the InMoov robot. So, I built a model of it in the Choreonoid robotics simulator. Check out the video for more info and feel free to ask me questions!

  • except for the eyes are no longer these DS929HV crown servo motors
    so what do you advise me to use?
    thank you

  • for the eyes do I have to put two cameras or one?
    which one to use?

  • I started my inmoov from the head and I do not know what screws to use
    can you help me please?

    • I think it was mostly 20mm 3m countersunk screws with a few 4m. You might be able to use shorter than 20mm but I just bought a bag of 100 from ebay and cut them down if they are too long.

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  • John Hughes posted an update 1 week, 6 days ago

    Hi. This is how far I have got my project. I have the head upright on the basic shoulder parts. I have my servos on order so I will be doing some work on wiring it up soon. The Shoulder area is not totally stable and I was wondering what extra parts add on the bottom to give it some stablity until I am ready to move on. Can any one direct me to…[Read more]

    • Damian got a pic of his inmoov a few Post down ( Muiti-Coloured one),,, he has got the Front and Back Chest Plates plus the 2 Center Beams Fully built — ,, Personally i would do that ,, but do not Permanently join them together — you can permanently join each of the smaller plate pieces together in to Make the 4 Major section ( Front/Back…[Read more]

  • geoff jones posted an update 2 weeks ago

    Just started this amazing project. All respect to Gael for sharing this. It represents hundreds of hours of work.
    I started with the InMoov servo boards but i have reservations about supplying the servo power via these boards as the pcb track is only rated at about 10 amps. Gael talks about using power supplies greater than 30 amp. I think I will…[Read more]

  • John Hughes posted an update 2 weeks ago

    Hi. Just wondering where the Speakermouthholder is meant to go in the head section. I seem to see reference for everything else except that. Kind Regards Ian

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  • Markus posted an update 2 weeks, 3 days ago

    Robyn Inmoov Vlog 1

    • Great Markus!
      This is a very nice initiative!
      More explanations and focus on how we could reproduce what you did would be super for the builders!

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