• I want to try and fit a Raspberry Pi inside the skull if I can, and as I had a ‘spare’ Pi Camera laying around I modified another part to make a Pi Camera version of EyeBallSupport_X_LeftV1. Posted to Thingiverse.

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  • i have seen many images of InMoov on google images can anyone please post my InMoov image on google images please

    • …..that’s not how Google images works :)

    • Google bots crawl the web looking for pictures to auto index. It will eventually show up. Try doing a Google search on inmoov and include your name.

      • I just google Inmoov and your first name. It shows a picture of you and your Inmoov, posted 3 days ago.

  • Jack_Zhao posted an update 4 days, 2 hours ago

    fisrt small test with the new control unit

    • Looks great, love the black body.
      Is the grinding sound your pistons (plastic on plastic)?

  • Jack_Zhao posted an update 4 days, 2 hours ago

    finally,the first version of the control unit was completed

  • Mm InMoov face and eyes being tested. Just using a small servo tester so its not calibrated properly yet.

    • Looks great, but you had me worried for a moment when I compared to mine! Is there a reason you’ve mounted the eye mechanism upside down vs. Gael design? Does it give you some benefit? I don’t have a completed skull yet, to see how the clearances and space work out with your orientation. :)

  • My Inmoov eyes mechanism being tested

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  • finally got the fingerstarter working! first i used my chinese arduino…which gave a lot of trouble and delay… now i’ve lent an original arduino from my work. looking forward to build the hand and forearm.

  • Grant posted an update 5 days, 16 hours ago

    Hey, what filament works best for printing Inmoov. ABS or PLA?

    • I am using PETG, and really like the strength and finish that I’m getting. Mostly I like that it prints without odour or fumes, as I find ABS quite unpleasant to have printing in the same room where I am working.

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  • lorn campbell posted an update 1 week ago

    Finally started to paint my InMoov so dismantled him and am rebuilding and spray painting away. I also got the base stand sorted out and am now printing the final bits of the stomach parts. That left hand is still in a plastic bag so must build that finally!
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