• Cristian posted an update 1 day, 23 hours ago

    Hello how are you, I wanted to ask if someone could tell me where to download the functional inmoov software, sorry for my bad English, and if this is not the place to ask. Thank you

  • I just wanted to post my build link for those that want to check it out.


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  • just got my printer useable. now i will try to print a few things.

  • Constance posted an update 3 weeks, 5 days ago

    My robot sings “Lacrimosa” (Requiem for a Friend, Preisner)

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  • HUGO posted an update 1 month, 1 week ago

    Hello, I need help, I have a problem, I have soldered all the pins of the nervoboard, but when I connect the nervo to the arduino mega to my computer, the script to put all the servos of the hand except the one of the wrist does nothing. The impression that the order is not transmitted, do I need a power supply other than USB? Does anyone see…[Read more]

    • Hi.
      Yes, you need an additional power supply for the servos. I suppose the current would fry your arduino.
      I reused a 5V power adapter. I soldered a XT60 male adapter to the nervo board and a XT60 female adapter to the cable of the power.adapter: This way I am able to take away the current if my servos develop a life of their own.

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  • Chris posted an update 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Will the 10kohm 8 pin work for the time being until I can come across the 100kohm. I thought that I bought the 100kohm 8 pin but when I start it turns out to be the 10kohm.

  • Constance posted an update 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    Some progress have been made concerning the song \”Perhaps Perhaps\”

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  • Andreas posted an update 2 months ago

    Hello everyone,

    with each piece printed, my awe and respect for this project grows. What details have been thought of, how everything fits together and what visions are needed to conceive such dynamic connections. Wow!

    I now print myself head down with two 3D printers and get the servo motors on the side. I’m also thinking about dissolving my…[Read more]

  • HUGO posted an update 2 months, 1 week ago

    I already bought the kinect!
    for more information on the kinect visit 👉 https://inmoov.fr/howto-kinect/

  • Constance posted an update 2 months, 1 week ago

    Robobo sings

  • Andreas posted an update 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    Hello everyone 🙂

    this is an absolutely amazing project. I am very thankful that this is available as an open source project.

    I’m still at the beginning of building an InMoov. Regarding the walking of robots on two legs, the law of centrifugal force came to mind.

    If a flywheel (or two) were running in the torso, the energy consumption would…[Read more]

    • Hello Andreas! Welcome to this big project. We are here to help each other. It is a pleasure to know you. Add some pictures of your project during the assembly in your album. I like to see all the different versions of inMoov robot.

      • This project is very big and in every detail I can see, which problem stands in focus. So I think, I’ll build the InMoov first like the handouts/plans here.
        For now, I’m an absolutly Noob and will learn many new stuff.

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  • emilien posted an update 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    Hi all ! ☺️
    I have a little problem…
    I started the manufacture of the hand, connect all on the nervo board itself connect to mi arduino Mega.
    When testing each servomotor independently, one of the five fingers does not work on pin 3 (index)
    Obviously, all of my connections are good and the continuity too.
    If I reverse this motor to another…[Read more]

  • Luca posted an update 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    L&G, sorry for the n00b question (I have searched but found no reply): how can I post pictures in this posts? I mean embedding pictures/videos here

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  • Constance posted an update 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    I added some capacitive sensors on my Inmoov robot

  • I have been working on a new head in my build. I will be mounting a LattePanda in the head and use EZB V4 for the rest of the robot.

    Currently I am trying to decide how to power the robot I may just use a 6V 12ah lead acid battery. I would love to hear comments about power supply options.

  • Stéphan posted an update 2 months, 4 weeks ago

    Aujourd\’hui, j\’ai fini l\’impression des deux jambes d\’Alex. Mon robot est maintenant tout imprimé. Bien content!

    • Super !

      • hey hey ….salut ,,,toujour contant de voir un autre adepte du projet proche de chez moi …….prevost (nord de st-jerome ) au quebec aussi ,,,au plpaisir de se re-ecrire

        • Salut,

          oui c’est cool! En plus ils sont presque jumeaux 🙂 Il va falloir se rencontrer un jour pour voir nos chef d’œuvres et prendre une tite frette.

          Ce week-end j’installe mes tendons avec ressorts dans les avants-bras. J’ai appris a la dure que la rotation du poignet ne marchait pas sans ceux-ci.

          J’ai vu dans ta galerie de photos que tu…[Read more]

          • allo…merci d avoir accepter ma demande,,,,oui effectivement c est super d avoir quelqu un de si proche avec qui partager des experiences …..moi je n est pas de ressorts dans les avant bras ….le poignet fonctionne pourtant tres bien …..pour ce qui est des phalanges …elles sont imprimer toute separer ,,,les fichier .stl vienne du site de…[Read more]

          • a oui ….j oubliais ….j ai preparer toute les provision necessaire pour les finger sensors ,,,c est pour ca qu il a deux fils a chaque doit ,,qui depasse mais je n ai pas installer de sensors encore ….PS : je suis de prevost ….10 min au nord de st-jerome

            • Je crois que je vais passer des fils moi aussi dans les doigts car une fois les tendons installés, ca va etre compliqué.
              J’ai commandé du foam antistatique il y a 2 semaines. Donc j’essaierai d’installer ça quand ca va arriver. Est-il opérationnel ton robot?

              Moi je suis a installer (souder) les plaques de connections 16 broches avec cable plat…[Read more]

    • j ai fait plusieurs essai avec du foam mais les resultats ne sont pas constant ,,,ni concluant ,,,la meilleur facon est de mettre des detecteur de pression fait ex pres pour ca ,,,ils sont tout petit mais ils coutes asser cher ,,,ont ma conseiller de mettre le projet des finger sensor de coter et terminer le robot avant dy revenir,,,c est…[Read more]

      • a oui je suis sur le point de lui installer des paupieres aussi ……et ma fille de 9 ans aime bien ca lui aprendre des chose ….donc je doit m habituer avec le mode d apprentissage

        • C’est le bout qui devient intéressant encore plus de pouvoir lui faire exécuter ses propres commandes et mouvement.

          • oui ,,,et peut etre un jour des jambes fonctionnels….as tu fini et tester tes 2 nervo boards …..c est l element le plus important ,,,tout passe et comence par la …..

            • Je fabrique moi même mes nervoboard. Je suis en fait rendus là. Des que mes bras sont “tendonnés” 😀 et installés je m’y attaquerai cette semaine. J’ai du couper mes ressorts pour mes tendons… Ils étaient trop longs et ça donnait rien comme effet. Le poignet ne tournait pas quand les tendons étaient sous tension.

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    small advances

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  • OK quick question how do you post pictures on this site?

    • HUGO replied 3 months ago

      Hello @smiller29, it is very easy to post videos because you only have to copy the link but not with the images, to put an image you have to enter your profile, the first thing that comes out is to publish a post, well at the bottom right there are 3 options click on the image and you can put the link of the photo or upload it from the gallery 🙂

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  • HUGO posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    hello, I\’m trying to do the tips of the fingers with the finger sensors, there is some tutorial because I\’m a little lost. Thank you

    • Have a look here:


      • Hi @ray-edgley, thank you very much for answering me, I don’t know if maybe you managed to create the arm, but we use 2 types of sensors, which can be the foam one with 2 connectors, the normal one, and the recommended hall sensor, which has 3 cables, and in the tutorial I don’t explains how to put the hall sensor.

      • Hi @ray-edgley, if you are making the arm this is very important! @admin is going to create a new version of the arm due to my question about the hall sensor which was the previous answer 🙂

  • INMOOV_14 posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago


    • There are a number of servos out there, most of which haven’t been tested by builders.
      I have found the PDI-6221MG servos 20Kg to be great, but they are a standard size servo, so smaller than the Hitec HS805BB and slightly less torque which is around 23Kg
      You can find on Thingiverse adaptors for the standard size servos to fit into the giant size…[Read more]

  • Constance posted an update 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    New picture of ROBOBO.
    Nervoboard finished!

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  • Guenther posted an update 4 months ago

    I tried to start InMoov2 with nixie. When I load a configuration e.g. i01.rightside there a a lot of java NullPointerExeptions. A control of the servos is not possible.
    With the servo test feature without InMoov2 services I can control the servos.
    Has anybody some advise? Or where else can I get any help?


    • The Nixie Version of MRL is still in development and will from time to time have bugs.
      The developers over at MRL are working on any the bugs that are reported as they arise.
      More recently there was a bug in the OpenCV system has now been resolved in version 1.1.708

      Help can be obtained from the MRL developers at the discord server…[Read more]

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  • Rosario posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago

    Hello. i have installed InMoov2 in Nixie but when it starts the browers it doesn’t open the page.http: // localhost: 8888 / # / service
    Nothing happens when the webpage is updated. Unable to reach the site.
    you know what the problem is
    notes: myrobotlab windows 10 operating system and on directory C: \ MRL
    the inmoov2 program is installed on C:…[Read more]

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  • Rich FD posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago

    I nearly restarted the inmoov build, I got right down to the hips, then bought another motorbike and got distracted – winters well and truly here and the motorbikes are under cover, the workshop is cleared of bike parts (almost) and I am re-commissioning the latest build 3D printer – so soon I will be back on with my little buddy.
    I think I will…[Read more]

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