Shoulder Assembly

Shoulder. Thanks to Anar for this colored sketchup (

Shoulder exploded. Thanks to Anar for this colored sketchup (


Torso Assembly

Torso. Thanks to Anar for this colored sketchup (

Torso Back. Thanks to Anar for this colored sketchup (

Torso+Kinect surroundings
Torso side view by Gael
Torso+Kinect Backview
Torso back side view by Gael
Torso+KinectTorso+Chest back view by Gael

Chest Assembly

Torso+Chest+KinectTorso+Chest front by Gael

torsochestchesttopattachTorso+Chest+ ChestTopAttach  by Gael

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      • Hi Gael,
        I just have a quick question.
        I just wanted to know if there is any particular reason why you have gearboxes/wormgears attached to the servos, I know that this current setup would reduce backlash, However,I believe that the servo’s which you use are capable enough to be used in direct drive for this robot.
        Also doing that would reduce the weight, thus reducing the need for any gearboxes.
        Forgive my ignorance if I am being wrong.


        • Hello,
          The gearboxes/wormgears have two functions, one is to increase the torque rate and second is to lock the arm in position, thus releasing the servo from working and using power source.
          For info there is no way these servos can lift the arm if mounted in direct drive. This is the mistake I see on countless design robots.
          23kg torque at 1cm. If you make simple math with the whole length of the arm, you will see that it’s not doable. The servo will burn in no time.

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