Infrared motion sensor PIR HC-SR501

This sensor is used in the chest of the robot to detect human movement. It allows the robot to wake up if movement is detected. This item is compatible with the NervoBoard. 1. automatic induction: when someone enters its induction range, enter the high level, people leave the sensor range is automatically delayed. Low output. […]

Module ultrasonic HC-SR04

This Module ultrasonic HC-SR04 is for InMoov distance sensing. It is compatible and can be connected to the NervoBoard. Each NervoBoard  supports 1 module. You will need two of these if you build the full chest of the robot. Tension range 3-5.5V IO Tutorial:

Finger Starter Kit

The Finger Starter kit is a 3D printed ABS product that will let you build and program the InMoov finger.

It is a good starting point in the process of learning InMoov, MyRobotLab, Arduino, servo and programing.