• Acapulco Rolf posted an update 5 years, 9 months ago

    InMoov Legs and Articulating Stomach
    Work in progress…

    Thanks Gael
    Thanks Bob
    Thanks Bartods

    • Cool,,, which software ya using for the model-?,, its looking good–,,

      • I’m using this application: Microsoft 3D Builder
        It comes as part of the Windows 10 build

        For dragging and dropping stls into a scene along with “basic” model shaping it works well 🙂

        • Hell that’s alright,,, didn’t even know window 10 had a 3d Builder/Viewer ,,,, I see its “HoloLens” compatible which is very cool and will be the next gen of software,,, at $5000k its still a bit too expensive and there’s not enough software add-on’s yet and Object manipulation within the holographic interface is still in its early phases,,,,, but as soon as the price drops I’ll be one of first in line—but if hasn’t I’ll just have to pay the full price–,,, that’s one of the main reason I’m still using SketchUp a lot because its HoloLens compatible–,,, but ill have to give 3d Builder a test run–,, Cheers

    • Super, I love to see these progress!