• Adithya NS posted an update 5 years, 3 months ago

    Hello Sir, Thank you very much for Sharing your project so that students like me can learn Robotics. I have printed some parts already. Sir can you share printing guide for all the parts. I would be of great help if you could do it. I’m using ABS. Thank you very much Sir.

    • Printer setting for Basic Parts (ED3v6 with 0.4mm Nozzle)
      3 perimeters
      3 solid layers
      30% infill
      30mm/sec perimeters speed
      30mm/sec Solid Layer speed
      80mm/sec Infill speed
      0.3mm layer height
      0.3mm Z -Hop -Lift the nozzle between moves to prevent scarring on surface finish
      Top/ Finish Layers = 15mm/sec
      Small Dia = = 15mm/sec
      Fan –“Off”
      4 perimeters and 4 Solid Layers would properly be a better choice for basic Inmoov parts but it’s very hard to give to an Answer to your Question,,,,I print each part with a different setting but I’m slowly putting a “setting list” together of all Inmoov parts,,,, it’s mainly for Parts that use odd setting to get good results such as the- “Wormgear”
      I print “Slow” using PLA+ which greatly improves the quality and strength of the part and if you want to keep it for display its worth spending the extra time on printing (don’t underestimate the advantages of printing slow) I very rarely have parts that fail ,,,,,
      If you’re having trouble with a certain part just post the parts name,,,, it would handy if I knew what “Slicer” your using ? ,,, I assume you’re using a 0.4mm nozzle size

      • Watch your acceleration speeds, looks like they are too fast. If in doubt, slow down on speeds. And if your printer isnt properly calibrated the corners will be not sharp as yours arent. That can be tweaked with accel speeds and jerk in the eeprom settings. Also it depends onwhat printer you have. But 80mm/s infill is pretty fast. Start with slow speeds and change 1 setting at a time to see the difference. Takes a long time and is boring but once you see the difference you will understand printing and then you can adapt them to your needs.

        • Sir I’m using Anet A8 printer with Cura software. As you told Sir, the corners are not sharp and nozzle temperature was bit high. Sir which slicing software you recommend me to use and also can you give me your slicer settings so that I will try them to get better understanding of 3d printer.


      • Thank you very much for the settings Sir. I will try them today and will get back to you if I run into some problem.