• Gael Langevin posted an update 7 years, 5 months ago

    Printing another InMoov, because the original is going to stay home. It is a precious robot now!
    Having a second printer makes it fast, specially because I updated the firmware to Sailfish on the CTC printer.
    I used to print on Kapton with the ABS but finally got to print directly on glass which is giving a super result and surprisingly absolutely no warping. The key to do this is the way you apply the slurry on the glass. Sebastien of Quai Lab gave me a great tip.
    Pour the slurry on the glass plate, press it with a second glass plate until it is covering the total surface of the glass plate. Remove by sliding sideway the top glass and let the slurry evaporate. The surface will look as if there is almost nothing on the glass (see pictures) The neck is printing without any brim and it came out perfect. Same thing for all the InMoov torso parts.
    keep your prints warm, no fan cooling. cover the sides of your printer.
    Temperature of the heated bed 120C and temperature of the extruder 250C.
    ABS from Orbi-tech and from Zortrax printers.