• good day, I’m Allen and new to inmoov can’t wait to get started. I’ve been reviewing everything, and learning as i go. I have a question about wiring, what size, anything special Ii need to know? one more thing, the parts that I print what % of infill should i use? things for any help

    • Infill %- varies from part to part- most people use the standard- 30% with 3 Perimeters and 3 solid layers, which is good allrounder, personally I use a different setting for every different part, it just depends on what the part is for- the best wire to use is the type that doesn’t catch on fire….lol

    • Remember a very important thing many people tend to forget when slicing the parts.
      When lowering down the resolution and keeping a 3 shell perimeter you also loose strength.
      Say if you print at resolution 0,5mm with a 3mm perimeter with an infill of 30%, it is much stronger than if you print at resolution 0,2mm with a 3mm and an infill of…[Read more]