• amby posted an update 7 years, 11 months ago

    hello you can see my video about my easy plateform here
    you can see battery removable easy when it is discharge change by a new

    • Nice idea with the rechargeable batteries. What kind of motors are you using?

    • Very nice Amby!
      It seems to have good speed with those electric car motors.
      I really like your battery idea,! If I wouldn’t fly the globe with my InMoov robot, I would go for your solution!
      Unfortunately we may not carry batteries like that in planes. The very common 6VAh batteries can be bought almost in every country, so when I arrive in a country, the first thing I do, is find a shop to get batteries!! Sometimes I pre-order them on Amazon to get delivered at the hotel, but it is like gambling, you never know if they will be delivered in time.

    • Fantastic Amby, Whaoo two motors and two batteries !, you are ready for the InMoov Racing 🙂

      • @ bob hello i use a toy moto like this

        i find 2 in trash so i take motor for free
        battery change easy when the battery is empty

        @ gael hello gael is very fast this motor for robot but i can drive slowly
        yes this plateform is very easy for travel and take no place
        i dont know if in the worl we can find this battery but i do this solution because it is the best cheaper solution
        now i need to learn how i can program arduino for pilote my plateform so i need help for that now

        @sebastien hello seb yes i can build my idea plateform during a long time i have this plateform in my head now i build it and i think can interested many people