• Anar posted an update 10 years ago

    Hi balse,
    yes these slots are for the M8 nuts.
    Weird yours don’t fit. Try to use some pliers to force them in.
    By the way I’m proud to say that these slots is my very first improvement to the InMoov project !
    @Gael : do you remember ? 8^)

    • Yes I remember, I made them after your suggestion.

    • Thanks for the quick response. Here is the thing though: If you are using normal “6 Corner” Nuts, if I’m not mistaking, the geometry is wrong. As I see it the geometry of the Slots are for “8 Corner” Nuts. Not so sure, but am I correct???

    • Anar replied 10 years ago

      Yes Balse the design is wrong. I wanted to show it with a picture but if I upload one I just can’t publish my answer (website bug ?).

    • Anar replied 10 years ago

      I’m gonna send you the picture by PM.