• Steve Rayner posted an update 3 years, 9 months ago

    In MyRobotLab I selected 16 led neopixel ring, but only 12 leds light up. Anyone know if this is an issue with myrobotlab or maybe I have a bad neopixel ring.

    • Have you change neopixel number in config file (neopixel) in folder inmoov/config?

    • I just worked on the neopixel ring and works fine for me

      • Have you had any luck with this? I was having a similar issue. I wasn’t sure if it was hardware,wiring or software. I ended up removing the signal resistor and using Arduino IDE. I was able to run example animations on all pixels just fine thereafter. Still no luck though in MRL.

        • Hi. For me it’s working fine. I’m just connecting neopixel +v, ground and input to Arduino and starting Arduino and neopixel service on MRL. I’m able to control neopixel from MRL … changing animations and so on.