• Coverks posted an update 3 years, 9 months ago

    Wow, Covie is getting heavy! Our 15 year old students in my robot group now are ready for some real heavy lifting . Learning how to program and bring our creation to life….that is exciting!

    • Covie is brilliant! And you and your team has done brilliantly to build it so quickly. Good luck on the next stage, and as you say it will never be finished… as it is a journey of discovery and co-working and not a destination.

      • Thanks Michael! Wonderful hearing from fellow InMoov enthusiasts….our Makerbot replicator has been printing non stop about 15 hours a day six days a week for the past five months….InMoov is the gift that keeps on giving, to students and teachers alike.

    • Fantastic!
      First InMoov I see on a skateboard!